Supernatural Creatures and other Beings

This page is reserved for creatures or monsters that do not have stats or character sheets. Most of the time, they can only be done away with when the plot demands it.

Ghosts, Spirits, True Fae, Abyssal Emanations, Daimons, Demons, Angels and other such things belong here.


These are the spirits of deceased humans. Usually needs an anchor to exist.


These are spirits born of strong emotions and memories. Can be made from anything in the physical world. Cannot truly be slain unless you force them to spend all their essence.

True Fae / Goblins

These beings hail from Arcadia. They are nigh indestructible, and protected by various contracts and magics. Finding out specific clauses to said contracts is the secret to their downfall.

Abyssal / Paradox Emanations

These are born from misuse of magic, and from the hubris of mages. They are the antithesis of reality, and thus cannot be defined properly.

Daimons and Psychic constructs

They are born from mental manipulation and mastery of the unconscious. These things only exist in Astral Space, but can be summoned into the real world.


Although some can be classified as Psychic constructs or Spirits, Demons in this campaign come from the Inferno – A place of vice and suffering. They are malicious and evil, but at least they do not wish for the destruction of all reality. They also tend to use human hosts in their quests for conquest.


Although some can be classified as Psychic constructs or Spirits, Angels in this campaign come from the Empyrean – A place of virtue and serenity. Although they are classified as good or well-meaning, their methods may not seem that way to certain individuals. Like Demons, they use human hosts for their inscrutable purposes, but unlike demons, these purposes aren’t obvious. Angels are typically concerned with some greater good, far beyond the scope of human understanding.


These are beings players cannot yet identify. Very rare in the game, since it is sorta kinda faithful to the books provided by White Wolf for World of Darkness.

  • Mao Long – Mysterious chinese magical herbs, a supernatural fighting style that isn’t, etc.


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